Research on Opto Thermo Electronic Devices

Our Group studies mutual interaction of heat, light and electricity in micro- and nanoscale materials and devices. Gaining a better understanding of these interactions directly assists in the improvement of device and circuit performance in applications such as energy conversion, computing and communication technologies.

A variety of approaches are employed, ranging from theoretical modeling over Monte Carlo and FEM simulation to experimental measurement methodologies. Key results include the development of microcoolers, which could e.g. be integrated into microprocessor ICs to address hot spots, and thermoreflectance imaging techniques with submicron spatial and subnanosecond temporal resolution. These capabilities, together with a wide range of other optical and electrical techniques, are used for thermal characterization of thermoelectric materials and devices, power electronics, LEDs, and solar cells.

Presentation on Thermionic Energy Conversion Center at Purdue Univ. 2008.

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2003-2005 Research Overview

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Laboratory Facilities

Presentations from the International Workshop on Nanoscale Energy Conversion and Information Processing Devices; September 24-26, 2006; Nice, France

Current Research Projects


LoCal RE-Lolland California Renewable Energy Summer Program

Quantum Electronics Group establishes Thermal Characterization Lab at NASA Ames Research Center

Hybrid Solid-State/Liquid Cooling

Fast Thermal Simulations

Nonlinear Thermoelectrics

Transient Thermoreflectance Imaging

Direct Thermal to Electric Energy Conversion [DARPA Project] 

Thermionic Energy Conversion [MURI-ONR Project] 

AC/DC Thermoreflectance Imaging

Advanced Thermoelectric Materials Based on IV-VI Superlattices

Picosecond Accoustics in Superlattices


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