Thermal Characterization Lab at NASA Ames Research Center

Thermal Characterization Lab at NASA Ames Research Center

Location of NASA Ames Research Center

The Thermal Characterization Lab is located in Advanced Studies Lab in Building 239, Room 138 of NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA.

The lab has about 300 sq feet, designed for ultra-resolution optical/thermal characterization with 4íx10í optical table. This laboratory brings the latest thermal characterization systems developed at UCSC to the Silicon Valley. This includes high resolution thermoreflectance with 0.006K temperature resolution and <0.5 micron spatial resolution. Thermal Characterization Lab facilitates collaborations with researchers at NASA Ames, various universities and companies in the San Jose Bay Area.

NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (see map). The Advanced Studies Laboratory (ASL) is a strategic partnership between NASA-ARC and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Supported by a Space Act Agreement between the partners and directed from UCSC's Silicon Valley Initiatives.

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